Seymour Hill Primary School

Hello from our Learning Support Classes


Our Learning Support Classes received an excellent report from the Inspectorate and caters for children who have moderate learning difficulties including children with speech and language difficulties, ASD and ADHD. These small classes with dedicated teachers and classroom assistants give children with such difficulties a much better chance of achieving their full potential in a caring, positive learning environment. The children in these classes travel to and from school via subsidised taxis and come from all over the Greater Lisburn area. The school integrates these children well within the mainstream school, giving them the opportunities all other pupils receive – P.E., music tuition, choir, school productions, after-school activities, school residential trips etc.

Many of the children who are in our Learning Support Classes transfer at the age of 11 to mainstream secondary schools of their choice.


How do the Learning Support Classes cater for their children?


  • Smaller class sizes
  • Small group teaching with lots of practical tasks to reinforce learning,
  • Practical and active maths learning,
  • Making reading enjoyable using a wide and varied range of books which capture their imagination at an appropriate/suitable level,
  • Very structured approach to spelling, with a major emphasis on high frequency words and phonics,
  • Teachers and classroom assistants trained in speech and language therapy for MLD units,
  • Weekly visits by a speech and language therapist,
  • Staff trained and experiences in working with children with autism and aspergers,
  • Established routines giving children security and encouraging greater independence,
  • Work tailored to pupil’s level and ability,
  • Integration within the main school through school productions, buddies, school shop, choir, after school clubs etc.


Some thoughts of our parents.


"My child has gone from being a child who was terrified of everyday school life, to a child who looks forward to the activities each school day brings."

"He has achieved so much in the past fe years, with his confidence really growing."

"As it is a small class he has progressed greatly in all subjects, especailly reading."

"My children were never treated any differently than the mainstream children.  They were included in all activities."

"It has allowed him to reachg his potential.  He enjoys school and now looks forward to going everyday."

"He has so much more confidence now."



According to the Inspectorate

“The teachers and classroom assistants provide a well structured and varied curriculum, and have high standards and expectations for the children. The good quality Individual Education Plans, combined with the detailed planning and purposeful working atmosphere, ensures that the children progress well, within a caring and stimulating environment.”