Seymour Hill Primary School

Year 2 Mrs Dobbin and Mrs Armstrong 

Welcome to Year 2.  Come and have a look to see what we do in our wonderful class. 

Number Work

We have been learning to add two sets and recently have been exploring the number story of 5. We enjoy exploring this number story using counters with our partners. 


Year 2 had a great day for Readathon. Our theme for the day was Bedtime Stories so we came to school in our pyjamas and shared our favourite bedtime stories with each other. We really enjoyed reading lots of stories throughout the day and especially enjoyed the story of Whatever Next by Jill Murphy. We made our own rockets using junk materials and had a great day. 

Outdoor Play

Year 2 love to play outdoors. We are very good at taking turns and sharing the equipment and toys with each other. Look at how much fun we are having. 

Year 2 Fun

We enjoy playing and learning together in Year 2. We have been having lots of fun playing during our play. Can you guess what we have been doing?