Seymour Hill Primary School

Primary 4 - Miss McKendry


We enjoy maths in Primary 4. We have been covering place value, money, length, multplication, addition and subtraction with 100 so far this year.

Recently, we have started to learn all about multiplication. We were making groups of 2's, 3's, 5's and 10's. We learnt that multiply means groups of. We even got to draw on our tables to show groups of with arrays! 

Accelerated Reader

In Primary 4, we start Accelerated Reader. The pupils have really enjoyed getting to choose what they are reading and then using the iPads to quiz. Primary 4 are keen to do well and are always excited to see what book they will get next. 


This year, the whole class took part in a Read-a-thon. We got to dress up as our favourite Heroes and Villains from books that we have read. On the day, we mixed together medicine for Grandma as we have been reading "George's Marvellous Medicine!", took part in a treasure hunt and made collages!



Creative Arts

In Primary 4, we enjoy expressing ourselves creatively! We have been exploring different lines and how they can make interesting sculptures and paintings. We listened to Peter and the Wolf and painted lines to represent the music we heard. In the end, we definitely created a number of masterpieces!