Seymour Hill Primary School

Our school teaches the Revised Northern Ireland Curriculum.  The teaching emphasises child centred education promoting the development of good literacy and numeracy skills.  Foundation Stage children (Year 1 and 2) experience activity based learning and ina more formal setting teaching of formal skills each day.  The teaching of the curriculum will be enriched and extended by educational visits and for Year 6 and 7 children, by residential visits and a range of after-school activities for boys and girls.


 The educational aims of the school are:


To ensure the safety and welfare of the enrolled children in a caring, friendly and safe environment.


To teach and assess them according to the direction of the NI Curriculum


To develop within each child self-discipline and high self-esteem, self motivation, respect for others, initiative and self fulfilling attitude within the school community


To serve the community through its school policy


To foster good working relationships between the school, relevant agencies and its community